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Certified Security Awareness Practitioner (CSAP)
Candidates are tested across seven security awareness domains
Must know common challenges related to security awareness training
Must be able to plan, develop and implement a security awareness program
All exam candidates must pass an online exam
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Exam Fees
Flat fee of $499 per exam
On-site proctored exams are $399 per voucher
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Certified Security Awareness Practitioner (CSAP)

The CSAP certification is designed to certify that candidates have expert-level knowledge and skills in planning, developing and implementing a successful enterprise security awareness training program.

The CSAP body of knowledge consists of seven domains covering the responsibilities of a security awareness practitioner. The certification exam is a 50-question, traditional multiple-choice test. Questions are randomly pulled from a master list and must be completed in two hours. The seven CSAP domains are:

  • The need for enterprise security awareness training
  • Security and communication terminology and concepts
  • Security awareness program planning
  • Security awareness program development
  • Security awareness program implementation
  • Managing security awareness program as a project
  • Common challenges related to security awareness training

Candidates must achieve a 70% score or higher in order to pass.

There are three options for taking the CEPT exam:

  • The CSAP is available at any of our training partner's locations throughout the world.
  • The exam can be proctored on-site at your location for groups of 10 or more.
  • Individuals employed at member organizations can take the exam over the internet.

Exam Fees:

As the IACRB is a not-for-profit organization, please be aware that fees are used only for administrative functions.

  • Flat fee of $499 per exam.
  • On-site proctored exams are $399 per voucher.
  • Ready to take the exam? Contact a training partner or register to take the exam here.


The CSAP certification covers a four-year period. Regular renewal of a certification ensures that IACRB professionals maintain their knowledge and skills over time. Recertification is conducted via the exam engine system.

Your recertification will become available for registration in your portal account one year in advance of your certification expiration. Recertification candidates will be taking exactly the same exams as current certification candidates.

There are no fees associated with re-certification.

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