IACRB, Information Assurance Certification Review Board
An industry standard organization.
Formed by information security professionals.
A not-for-profit legal entity with a sole mission to certify individuals.
Requires all exam candidates to pass a hands-on practical examination
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Exam Fees
Flat fee of $499 per exam
On-site proctored exams are $399 per voucher
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Certified Reverse Engineering Analyst (CREA)

The CREA is a multiple part exam. The first portion consists of a 50 question multiple choice style exam. Candidates have 2 hours to complete the exam. Candidates must achieve a 70% score or higher in order to pass the first portion of the exam. Candidates that pass the first portion of the CREA then receive the practical portion of the exam. The practical examination consists of an encrypted archived zip file. The current series of practicals contain a live malware sample collected in the wild. The password for the file is infected.

In order to pass the CREA, the candidate must reverse engineer the malware sample and submit a report within 60 days of passing the multiple choice portion of the exam. The report should contain the following details (if relevant to your malware sample):

• General function and functionality of the malware
• Behavioral patterns of malware
• Local system interaction
• Files and registry keys created, modified and accessed
• Network behavior (including hosts, domains and IP addresses accessed)
• Time and local system dependant features
• Method and means of communication
• Original infection vector and propagation methodology
• Use of encryption for storage, communication
• Use of self modifying or encrypted code
• Any information concerning development of malware (compiler type, country of origin, author names/handles, etc.)

Candidates should provide documented code samples to receive full credit for the above items.

Candidates must score 210 out 300 points (70%) on the practical examination to complete the certification process and be awared the CREA certification.

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Sample Practical Examinations:
The following practical examination samples were submitted by CREA exam candidates that passed the practical examination portion of the exam. The password for all encrypted zip archive files is infected:

CREA #971:
html pdf malware

CREA #1505:
html pdf malware

CREA #1507:
html pdf malware

Why Certify?
Skilled information assurance professionals are the most important piece in the information security puzzle. Candidates that achieve a certification that requires proficiency beyond book knowledge is a valuable method of differentiating skill levels of information assurance professionals.

Benefits of IACRB certification to the Professional:

  • Demonstrates theoretical knowledge of information assurance.
  • Confirms commitment to information assurance profession.
  • Serves as a differentiator in the highly competitive information security job market.
  • Provides access to a network of certified individuals.

Benefits of IACRB certification to the Employers:
  • Establishes a base-line skill level requirement for highly technical positions.
  • Ensures that individuals have required hands-on skills to perform on the job.
  • Access to a network of subject matter experts.
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